Lodjakoda sauna and winterswimming 

In Lodjakoda we have a sauna with wood-heated stove and it is located on the shore of Emajõgi so you can go and jump into the water straight from steam room. Turning wintertime we keep open a hole in the ice for winterswimmers. 
Steamroom fits comfortably around 8 persons, resting room around 15 persons. 
Cosy restingroom has a view on the river so it is nice for smaller caterings or seminars. 

Booking the sauna:
From Mon-Thu first hour is 50 eur/h and every hour after that is 40 eur/h (for example 3 h would be 130 euro)
From Fri-Sun the first hour is 60 eur/h and after that it is 50 eur/h (3h would be 160 eur).

For making a reservation please write info@lodi.ee