Viking ship "Turm"

Viking ship „Turm“ was built according to ancient techniques – first the slender ship got the plank- ing, after that arcs were fitted in. The construc- tion started in spring 2008 and on 6. June 2009 30 men lifted the 12 m long and 2,5 m wide vessel on river Emajõgi. The ship’s first journey was to carry the song festival fire from Tartu towards the sea along ancient waterways. Hovering forward on the efforts of 10 oarmen, a large square sail and holding the course with a steering oar, the ship gives the passengers a taste of a thousand years old seafarers’ life.

„Turm“ is light enough to fit on a trailer, thus it can be met also on smaller rivers and lakes, even in the middle of dry ground, where it is a great climbing attraction for children.