Barge hall gallery and prices
Seminar room and café. Rent price 80 eur/h, starting from 4 hours 55 eur/h. E.g. 4h event 295 eur. 
The woodworkshop. Rent price 100 EUR/h, starting from 4 hours 70 EUR/h. E.g. 4h event 370 eur. Partuy-on-barge. Rent price 100 eur/h, starting from 4 hours 70 eur/h. e.g. 4h event €370. Outdoor halls and an open-air cafe.

Shipbuilding Hall
NB! With regard to the construction of the two-mast barge, space is limited until spring 2024:) Top seminar room - 80 eur/h. We are renting to smaller groups, as there is currently a partial exhibition there. The sauna house. E-N 2h 90 euros, R-P 2h 110 euros. The hall. Rent price 100 eur/h, starting from 4 hours 100 eur/h. E.g. 4h event 370 eur. See 360-degree picture of the territory of Lodjakoda here!

Price list

Café ,lobby and seminar-staircase (35 ppl around  the table, 60 ppl the stairs) 80 €/h
Whole seminar hall (lobby, staircase and upper seminar room) 100 €/h
Woodworking hall  (around tables 50-60 ppl, theatre-style 80 ppl) 100 €/h
Party hall in under the construction barge (table up to 50 ppl) 150 €/h, rentable after the end of the working day
A complex of three rooms up to 150 people (cafe, building area around the new barge and woodworking hall) 160 €/h
Sauna during the week first hour 50 €, next 40 €/h. Sauna on Friday 17 to Sunday evening 60 €/h, next hours 50 €/h. 
Shed hall (200m2+ toilets in the next building) up to 100 in 80€/h

The first 3 h is full price, from there nearly -30% Pre-conditioning hour price -50% from the full price Outdoor rental for smaller events 30 eur/in (up to 50 in). Personal quote for larger or multi-day events.